Hello Friends and Neighbors,
You may have noticed things are a bit different around here. We’re making a big change and a bunch of little changes. First, the big change. Our villa owner’s association (you know, the voa part of the URL) has a new look and feel. We’ve taken advantage of a free site upgrade recently made available to streamline how we communicate with each other. Some of the smaller changes are that we are reorganizing the navigation, organizing the content and archiving a lot of the older stuff so that all of us have a better user experience, can find information quickly and, most importantly, have insightful dialogue with all of our fellow owners. And there’s more to come. If you have any questions, concerns or, best yet, suggestions, please email us. Hope you like the upgrades and we hope to hear from you.

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions. 



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Upcoming Events
PPVOA Owners 2021 Budget review and Q&A
Sunday, October 4th, 7:15 PM EST at Virtual Meeting: Details will be provided
PPVOA Owners 2021 Budget review and Q&A October 4, 2020
PPVOA Board of Directors General Meeting October 11, 2020
Sunday, October 11th, 7:15 PM Eastern Time at Virtual Meeting: Details will be provided with Agenda
PPVOA Board of Directors General Meeting October 11, 2020
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