Point Pleasant Resort Hillside Geology, Plants, and Birds Hillside Geology, Fish, Plants, and Birds. 

Point Pleasant sits on a fascinating piece of geology. Our rock formation is an outcrop of well-bedded sea floor sediments that were uplifted by volcanic activity. The age of the sediment is about 110 million years old (dinosaurs were the only guests) and the rock is called “chert.” It is composed in part of the shells of silica. The layers highest in silica content have been welded together into extremely hard rock that is very resistant to weathering. These rocks form the strong nearly vertical ribs. The rock between the ribs is also chert, but it has been etched black because of the presence of more impurities, largely calcium carbonate. 

Fish and Turtles in the waters around Point Pleasant:

      1. Tarpon
      2. Stingray
      3. Eagle Ray
      4. Sergeant Major
      5. Blue Tang
      6. Trumpetfish
      7. NeedleFish
      8. Great Barracuda
      9. Four-Eye Butterflyfish
     10. Caribbean Reef Squid
     11. Sailors Choice
     12. Longspine Squirrelfish
     13. Green Turtle
     14. Hawksbill Turtle
     15. Leatherback Turtle
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Plants – indigenous & naturalized on Point Pleasant: 
St. Thomas is a semi-tropical island in the Caribbean with vegetation patterns which follow a rain shadow effect. The trade winds blow from the East; therefore, the rain tends to pass over the Eastern part of the island and fall on the Western side. Point Pleasant is located on the Eastern, drier side of St. Thomas. 
  1. Aloe
  2. Fiddlewood tree
  3. Red Hibiscus
  4. Bougainvillea
  5. Miniature Royal Palm
  6. Ginger Thomas or Yellow Cedar
  7. Lime bush or Key Lime
  8. Strangler Fig tree autograph or Onion tree
  9. Banana
  10. Papaya tree
  11. Oyster plant
  12. Frangipani
  13. Mahogany
  14. The West Indian Cedar
  15. Monkey Puzzle
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Birds seen from the Point Pleasant Property: 
  1. Hummingbirds: Green Carib, Antillean crested
  2. Bananaquits, Black Focal
  3. Magnificent Frigate birds
  4. Brown Pelicans
  5. Brown Boobys
  6. Caribbean Parakeets
  7. Pearly-Eyed Thrasher
  8. American Kestrel
  9. Red Tailed Hawk
  10. Great Egret
  11. Great Blue Heron
  12. Scaly-naped Pigeon
  13. Gray Kingbird
  14. Yellow Warbler
  15. Kung Fu Pipers
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