To All Point Pleasant Owners:

We are forming PPVOA Owners Advisory Committees and ask for your participation. The volunteers for each committee to date are listed.

Please note: In order to serve on a committee, the unit owner must be in good financial standing with the association (for details, please click on this link).

1.       Hotel Rental Pool--Not Activei

2.       By-Laws and Declarations- Not Active
3.       Finance  (Not Active)

4.       Social   (Bring the owner community together with more social events)
Curtis Johnson (D8) (Chair)
Terri Ford (D9) (Recording Secretary)
Mike Hromoko (D23) (Board)
Judie Hromoko (D23)
Steve Homan (A11)
Chris Homan (A11)
Rod Chrisholm (B6)

5.       Property  (identity/prioritize issues with buildings, grounds and common areas)

Steve Homan (A11)
Chris Homan (A11)
Mike Hromoko (D23) (Board)
Brenda Huckabee (B21)
Dennis Nuttman (B26)
Tim Reynolds (A1) (Board)
Curtis Johnson (D8) (Board)
Debra Trusty (A5)
Paul Kingman (C3)
6. Energy  (Explore and develop sustainable energy options for the resort) Part of the Property Committee     
7. Marketing   (Develop partner marketing plans with hotel, restaurant, and spa) (Not active)
8.  Community Outreach   (Work with government and NGO's to better the island) (Not Active)
Other committee suggestions are welcome.

You do not need to be an expert to be on a committee, just an owner that wants to make a difference at Point Pleasant. 

Please submit your name to Mike Hromoko at Indicate which committee (or committees) you would like to join. Please place the words “PPVOA Committee” in the subject line of the email. 

Once we have the names of committee volunteers, each owner will be provided further information regarding that committee.

The Point Pleasant Owners have a wealth of knowledge, skills and understanding of all the functions of home owner associations and resort management.  We can now tap into this vast resource with your involvement.

This is your resort, get involved.  Point Pleasant can, once again, become the premiere resort on St. Thomas.


Mike Hromoko (D23)



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